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is a unique form of cast limestone with a surface texture similar to Portland stone or natural limestone. In a number of important ways Haddonstone is markedly superior, one of its greatest advantages being price, which, piece for piece, is normally significantly less than that of quarried stone. Haddonstone is able to offer three high-specification cast stone options in both the UK and USA:

Haddonstone (Semi-dry cast limestone)

Haddonstone replicates the texture, feel and strength of Portland and Bath stone. It weathers beautifully to become virtually indistinguishable from its quarried stone equivalent, making it ideal for decorative ornamental and architectural designs. The principal materials for semidry cast Haddonstone are limestone, white cement and sand. The mix has the feel of damp sand or earth. The stone is packed into the mould using a number of ingeniously crafted tools. This is done by hand or by using pneumatic hand rammers. No finishing is required due to the quality of mould manufacture and casting. Haddonstone originally relied on the vagaries of the English climate to ensure that the stone cured correctly. However, the effects of temperature, precipitation and wind made this a very inexact science. For this reason, the company introduced a vapour curing system in 1999 that gives the stone the equivalent of fourteen days strength overnight. Not only does this give the company a guaranteed curing system, it also reduces delivery lead times and handling issues.

TecStone (wet-cast limestone)

Haddonstone also manufactures products by a wet-cast process, called TecStone. Here, the mix is poured into the mould. This process gives a finish, once acid etched, much more akin to Coade stone and is ideal for larger architectural products, flooring, fireplaces, complex statuary and contemporary designs where clients prefer a surface finish which
does not weather quickly. TecStone is a high specification stone incorporating reinforcement if required in structural situations as well as cast in fixings. Designed to meet demanding design and performance criteria for commercial projects and large or small scale individual private developments. Hand finishing is required to ensure a quality product.

TecLite (fibre-reinforced)

Although TecLite closely resembles traditional cast stone and natural stone in appearance, the use of thin wall construction and GRC/GFRC technology means component weight is reduced by approximately two thirds when compared with similar Haddonstone and TecStone pieces.
TecLite is a cement based material containing alkali-resistant glass fibre which benefits from a high strength to weight ratio. Architectural products made by the TecLite process are ideal for retro-fit, timberframe and new build projects. TecLite products are robust and lightweight and can be used in conjunction with Haddonstone architectural components. TecLite products can be used to achieve the same crisp detailing normally only associated with Haddonstone designs.
Technical Data Sheets available for Haddonstone, TecStone and TecLite.