Gable vents

Discover our range of cast stone gable vents for building and construction.
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Enhance a building’s exterior

Typically used to enhance the gable end of a house, gable vents are an attractive architectural feature for residential projects and commercial developments alike.


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Standard and custom-made designs available

We have one standard gable vent design available. This style is modelled on the arrow slits typically associated with castle defences and would suit both a traditional and a contemporary building. Every product is handmade to order, so our in-house experts can also create a one-off custom-made design to suit your unique specification.

Committed to quality

Haddonstone, TecStone and TecLite materials all exceed the requirements of BS 1217:2008, BS5642-2: 1983 + A1 2014 and BS EN 13198: 2003. As part of the Haddonstone Quality Assurance procedures, we regularly carry out checks on all of our materials to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

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Whether you’re working on a private residential or large commercial project, or if you are interested in home and garden products, our friendly and expert team are happy to discuss your requirements.

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