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Custom Made Stone

Haddonstone can custom manufacture architectural stone pieces to practically any shape or size. The only constraint in your imagination.

Haddonstone has an extensive range of standard architectural components. Alternatively, by utilising the company's extensive mould shop and manufactory sites in the UK or USA, Haddonstone can produce custom made or bespoke stonework, replicating simple or intricate designs, to individual specifications in any quantity. This applies to Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone cast stone designs. If you are involved with commercial developments, private housing, refurbishment or restoration, Haddonstone has Technical Departments in the UK and USA, manned by experienced staff, who would be pleased to discuss your requirements for custom made or bespoke stonework.

The expertise of Haddonstone's craftsmen in the UK and USA, together with on-going investment in research and development of state-of-the-art mouldmaking and casting technology, equips Haddonstone to solve most problems ~ including the constant need to contain costs. While experts have, more than once, confused Haddonstone with carved stone or quarried stone, a glance at the company's prices would have made such confusion impossible.

Haddonstone is able to custom manufacture bespoke cast stone (also known as artificial stone or reconstituted stone) in Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone. Custom or bespoke manufacture is frequently associated with buildings, building materials and architectural work in Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone. Haddonstone can also custom or bespoke manufacture Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone designs such as lawn and garden furniture, statues, statuettes, monuments, garden ornaments, lawn and garden structures, pedestals, plinths, pool surrounds, fountains and plant containers. This service is available to clients worldwide via both the UK and USA offices. A comprehensive range of Technical Sheets provide detailed information on the construction and assembly of Haddonstone, TecLite and TecStone designs.

If you require technical assistance on how to order custom made or custom manufacture Haddonstone, TecLite or TecStone designs, please contact your nearest Haddonstone Contracts or Technical Department:

UK: 01604 770711

USA: 1-866-733-8225