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Wrought Iron Garden Ornaments

Wrought iron garden ornaments are an attractive alternative to stone garden ornaments. Haddoncraft Forge, a subsidiary of Haddonstone, can create a variety of wrought iron designs to enhance your garden. Standard wrought iron garden ornament designs include: garden furniture such as seats, tree seats, dining tables, chairs and stools; plant frames including wall basket, rose arch, obelisk, tower and sweet pea tower designs; garden structures like well head overthrows, wrought iron temple domes and gothic gazebos in both hexagonal and octagonal shapes; and, large and small weathervanes.

Whichever wrought iron garden ornament you choose, a wrought iron design from Haddoncraft Forge will enhance your garden or landscape – whether seats, tree seats, dining tables, chairs, stools, wall basket, rose arch, obelisk, tower, sweet pea tower, well head overthrows, temple domes, gothic gazebos and weathervanes.