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Stone Cleaning and Protection

Haddonstone stocks a wide variety of stone cleaning and stone protection products.

Stone Cleaning Products

A concentrated gel, pH neutral floor everyday stone cleaner derived from natural substances for daily maintenance of cast stone floors. The product gives rapid and effective cleaning of floors whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance.

A concentrated, heavy duty alkaline based detergent. Highly recommended for deep cleaning of greasy surfaces, removing dark marks, algae and mould from cast stone. Deep stone cleaner for algae mould and lime bloom. 

Margel Plus:
A water based rust remover.  Easy to use, the product does not leave any surface marks or rings.  Application of this product must always be followed by Oxidant to neutralise the Margel Plus.

A water based stain remover for wine, coffee and organic stains in general. Oxidant is also utilised to neutralise Margel Plus.

A slow evaporating mixture of organic solvents and wetting agents for effectively removing previously applied synthetic or organic waxes, water based sealers, impregnators and surface oil/grease marks.

Stone Sealing Products

Hidro Protector SST:
High performance, water based impregnator for the protection of cast stone or materials that normally require a solvent based application. Gives a durable surface protection from water, dirt and oil/grease based substances.

Hidro MM:
A water based impregnator for the protection of cast stone surfaces. It acts as a surface sealer so can be applied after Hidro Protector SST. Its ecological formulation gives surface protection from water, dirt, oil/grease based substances. Highly recommended for areas in constant contact with water and food based substances such as tables, bar-tops, vanity and kitchen work surfaces.

Limestone Densifier:
A water based sealer for consolidation of Limestone and carbonate materials. The product has been formulated to harden soft Limestone surfaces.