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Balusters are in an extensive standard range from Haddonstone, cast stone balusters for use with our standard architectural cast stone designs including classical balusters, balustrades and balustrading. All are suitable for interior and exterior use in commercial and residential projects including hotels, shopping Centers and residential homes.

Haddonstone’s standard  range of balusters comprises eight baluster designs, mainly in the Georgian style. These can be used in conjunction with any of the standard balustrade styles. Haddonstone’s non standard balusters are also mainly in the Georgian style. Non standard balusters may not have the full range of balustrade piers, rails, balustrade plinths and balustrade under copings available. Unless otherwise stated, standard balusters and non standard balusters are circular in section except top and bottom blocks which are square. Haddonstone balusters, balustrades and balustrading can be used to create a balcony, delineate a patio or separate a terrace from a lawn.