Restoration and replication

See how our stonework can be used in a wide variety of restoration and replication projects.


  • Nita Attwood - one of Haddonstone's longest-serving employees

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Architectural stonework for restoration projects

Haddonstone makes the ideal material for the restoration and replacement of stone that’s been damaged by exposure or neglect. Cost-effective, and produced with meticulous attention to detail, our replica stonework designs are made by our skilled team in our mould making facilities both in the UK and the USA.

Replicas for all types of buildings and projects

Working closely with designers and contractors, many of our pieces have been replicated from damaged originals at impressive buildings and landscapes around the world. We’ve supplied stonework for a number of different project types, including churches, town centers and hotels, as well as private residences.

Regardless of the style or age of a building, we can work with you to bring it back to life. Whether the restoration work required is structural or purely cosmetic, we can supply the high specification stonework necessary.


In-house technical expertise

Our experienced technical department work closely on each project to gain an understanding of its requirements, then use the latest in 3D technology to create exact replicas of original components. Our representatives on the road can even carry out scanning onsite, to ensure exact measurements are taken.

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Whether you’re working on a private residential or large commercial project, or if you are interested in home and garden products, our friendly and expert team are happy to discuss your requirements.

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