Zahra Vase


The Zahra Vase features an abstract pattern with stylised Ashoka buds, tendrils and leaf nodes, a cultural blend of Arabic, Islamic and Indian traditions.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Detailed, robust and frost-proof vase that will weather over time and last for many years
  • An attractive center piece on a lawn or terrace
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Delivery information
  • Dimensions and weights
    Dimensions Metric Imperial
    heaviest component 98 kg 216lb
    height 660 mm 26”
    weight 120 kg 264 lb
    width at base 430 mm 17”
    width at top 580 mm 22¾”
  • Product information

    SKU: A790

    Fatimah Zahra was a daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad from his first wife Khadija. Fatimah is given many titles by Muslims to show their admiration of her moral and physical characteristics. The most used title is az-Zahra, meaning the shining one. Hence, she is commonly referred to as Fatimah Zahra.

    The Ashoka tree is considered sacred throughout the Indian sub-continent. Bursting with color and an abundance of flowers, the Ashoka tree is often found in royal palace compounds and gardens as well as close to temples throughout India.

  • CAD drawings and technical sheets

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