Small Pool Kerbs, Vases and Plinths (duplicate)


Haddonstone pool surrounds are available in numerous combinations of kerb, vase and plinth sections to suit individual requirements.

There are six standard sizes: Half Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large.

Straight pool components, including corners, are also available. These can be combined with circular pools to create a number of interesting pool shapes.

The vase section, which is in the shape of a conch shell, flanked by two dolphins, is supported by a base decorated with palmettes and scrolls. It can be used as a fountain, a planter, or both.

The kerb section has a continuous moulding enriched with ovolo and palmette designs. The plinth lends appeal to the overall appearance of the pool, raising it from ground level.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Robust and frost-proof Small Pool Kerbs, Vases and Plinths that will last for many years
  • Glass fibre pool liners are available for the Half Small and Small pools only. Alternatively butyl liners may be used.

Please note that the use of a shallow liner in a Small or Half Small pool precludes the plumbing of vases. A plinth course is required to allow the use of a shallow liner.

Tech Sheets for pool assembly and recommended plumbing layout drawings are available upon request.  Please contact us.

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