Small Pool Kerbs, Vases and Plinths, Bath (discounted)

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The vase section, which is in the shape of a conch shell, flanked by two dolphins, is supported by a base decorated with palmettes and scrolls. It can be used as a fountain, a planter, or both.

The kerb section has a continuous moulding enriched with ovolo and palmette designs. The plinth lends appeal to the overall appearance of the pool, raising it from ground level.

  • One available
  • Available in Bath color
  • Robust and frost-proof Small Pool Kerbs, Vases and Plinths that will last for many years
  • Please note that the use of a shallow liner in a Small or Half Small pool precludes the plumbing of vases. A plinth course is required to allow the use of a shallow liner
  • Also available new: Small Pool Kerbs, Vases and Plinths

Tech Sheets for pool assembly and recommended plumbing layout drawings are available upon request.  Please contact us.

  • Bath
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Delivery information
  • Dimensions and weights
    Typical average weights    
    Kerb sections 31 kg 68 lb
    Vase sections 40 kg 88 lb
    Kerb plinth 31 kg 68 lb
    Vase plinth 50 kg 110 lb
  • Product information

    SKU: C4SKVP-1

    Please note:
    Simple precautions should be taken to avoid frost damage to fountains. Water should be drained off before winter every year and not replaced until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.

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