S120 Gate Pier


For an impressive, bold statement, Haddonstone’s cast stone gate piers create a grand entrance to any driveway, hotel or private spa.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Robust and frost-proof Gate Pier that will weather over time and last for many years
  • Functional and decorative
  • Strong enough to support a pair of gates

You can vary the number of center shaft pieces (S120E) between the bottom (S120F) and top (S120D) pieces to adjust the height to your requirements. Supplied in two halves, it is vital that you order each section of shaft blocks in pairs for each course. 

The pier block can be used to form the top of the pier or as a plinth for an optional ball finial.

  • Stand – E120B
  • Ball Finial – E120A

Both the stand and ball finial are supplied separately.

  • Bath
  • Portland
  • Terracotta
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    SKU: S120

    Please note:
    For full installation guidelines please refer to the technical spec sheet but please ensure that foundations have been established to create a firm footing for each pier and if you intend to fill the void with concrete, that the shaft sections are lined with polystyrene to act an isolator.

    Each section should be infilled separately and allowed to set before laying the next section. During installation of center shafts, ensure each pair is clamped together to prevent movement.  Please also ensure that if gates are to be fitted, piers are installed in consultation with your gate manufacturer or supplier.

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