Gothic Arch


An enchanting experience awaits your garden with the Gothic Arch. While our arches are newly made, they are designed to appear like genuine ancient ruins, giving them an authentic look.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Robust and frost-proof Gothic Arch that will weather over time and last for many years
  • Gives an ancient, gothic feel to your garden

This distinctive creation makes a unique and inviting focal point to a classic outside space.

The following components are included to create the complete Gothic Arch:

Component Qty
Q961A Quoin 12
Q960X-00787 Arched Head 4
Q960R Arch Apex 2
Q960T Arch Springer 2
Q960S Arch Apex Cent 1
Q960A Mullion 4
  • Bath
  • Portland
  • Terracotta
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