Autumn Plaque

There are four plaques in the Seasons Collection, each picturing a putto (often mistakenly referred to as a cherub) surrounded by items relevant to their season: garlands of flowers; sheaves of corn; cornucopia of fruit; and fire and ice.

Each relief is based upon a design originally created by the Coade manufactory, these reliefs form a part of the exclusive Clifton Coade Collection.

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Detailed, robust and frost-proof plaque that will weather over time and last for many years
  • Perfect as a focal point for your formal gardens or equally at home in an interior setting
  • Available as surface fixed or built-in options
Delivery information
  • Dimensions and weights
    Dimensions Metric Imperial
    weight 45 kg 99lb
    width 890 mm 35 1/16”
    length 440 mm 17 5/16”
    depth of block 50 mm 2”
  • Product information

    SKU: Q992

    The renowned Coade Stone manufactory originally created the plaques which form part of the exclusive Clifton Coade Collection.

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