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Athenian Pedestals

Product Code: B900-B910-B920

Robert A.M. Stern Architects has an international reputation as a leading design practice with wide experience in residential and commercial projects. Attention to detail and a commitment to design quality have resulted in the creation of the Robert A.M. Stern Collection comprising a wide range of interior and exterior products. Each partner company has been identified as a market-leader with a reputation for outstanding design, superb performance and unparalleled customer service. HaddonStone is proud to have been selected on this basis.

The original Athenian Collection included various Planters inspired by the pure forms of Art Deco or Art Moderne ornaments of the early twentieth century. These Contemporary Planters are appropriate for residential and commercial Gardens, as well as stylish, Contemporary projects - whether residential, institutional or commercial, or for interior uses. The latest additions are a range of stylish Pedestals, designed to be used in conjunction either with the Athenian range of Art Deco or Art Moderne Planters or with other designs in the HaddonStone Collection.

These Contemporary and modern Garden Planters and Pedestals are also perfect for interior and exterior designers who are looking for Art Deco or Art Moderne inspired ornaments. Each is an outstanding Contemporary design with detail and design quality to enhance residential and commercial projects.

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