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Made in the USAHaddonstone (USA) Ltd was founded in 1990, initially importing products into its New Jersey warehouse from the United Kingdom based parent company. Today, 95% of all Haddonstone products sold in the US are manufactured by Haddonstone in the US.

USA Colorado Factory

Haddonstone opened an impressive manufacturing facility in Colorado during 1996 to provide mold-making, Haddonstone production and extensive storage space.  The site has been subsequently extended to enhance existing facilities whilst also introducing TecStone and TecLite production areas.

Haddonstone (USA) Ltd has now created an Architectural Supplement containing an extensive range of designs created specifically for the US market, complying with Building Codes as necessary.  These designs are offered in addition to the company’s standard collection.

USA Mould Shop

Designs in the Architectural Supplement include:

  • Non Standard Balusters
  • Copings
  • Balustrading system            
  • Plinth and String Courses
  • Parapet Screening               
  • Cladding and Blocks
  • Gate Piers             
  • Columns and Pilasters
  • Quoins   
  • Porticos
  • Pier Caps and Pier Strings  
  • Door and Window Surrounds

There is also a range of fireplaces and mantels that have been specifically developed for the North American market.

For further information please contact our CO office on or telephone 866 733 8225