How To Easily Dispose Of Your Wooden Pallets

When your Haddonstone order arrives it will most likely be delivered on a wooden pallet.  This enables us to deliver your stonework safely and in perfect condition.  Without the use of wooden pallets, your order would be at more risk of damage.

However, we do understand that disposing of your wooden pallet can create a quandary.  That’s why we’ve collated a few easy ways for upcycling or disposing of your wooden pallets safely and in the most environmentally-friendly ways.

Give away or sell your used wooden pallet

Wooden pallets can be used for a wide range of DIY home and garden improvement jobs.  They are often in high demand and one of the simplest ways to get rid of your pallet is to simply offer it for free.  From asking your neighbours, to leaving your used pallet outside your home with a simple ‘free to a good home’ sign, there is likely to be plenty of interested parties.

There are also several online sites that can help you to dispose of your pallet for free.  Try Nextdoor and Freecycle.

A standard used pallet can command a price tag of around £10 each and selling your unwanted wooden pallets has never been easier.  Gumtree is good place to advertise your wooden pallet in your area, or try Facebook Marketplace.

Recycle your wooden pallet

Your local Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) is more than likely to recycle building materials including scrap wood and used wooden pallets.

You will find full details of your nearest HWRC on your local council website.

Create a flower and herb planter stand

With several horizontal slats already built into your wooden pallet, it is almost purpose made as a handy planter stand.

To create an inexpensive planter stand simply sand down your wooden pallet and paint or treat with wood preserve.  Then, drill some hooks into the wood at various intervals and hang your plant pots from the pallet.

Using a range of colourful foliage, flowers and herbs works really well and you can be as creative as you like.  For year-round interest, plant evergreen herbs and foliage that will add colour even during the winter.

Build some pallet garden furniture

Pallet garden furniture is ideal if you have a large outdoor gathering planned, but are limited on suitable places to sit.  Transforming your used wooden pallets into relaxed, modern seating and tables is easy and very straightforward.  All you will need to create your pallet garden furniture is:

  • Wooden pallets
  • Sandpaper
  • Outdoor wooden furniture paint
  • Paintbrushes or roller brushes
  • Scatter cushions, throws or other textiles
  • Electric drill and screws

Construct a garden pallet compost container

Wooden pallets are ideal for creating compost containers in gardens or allotments.  Not only is this a handy way to repurpose your wooden pallets, but producing your own compost is rewarding, low cost and great for your garden.  To create your compost container, follow these simple steps:

  • Level the ground first and ensure your container will sit on soil rather than paving
  • Stand one pallet on its long edge to form the back of the container, and stake it at either end to hold it in place
  • Position two more pallets at right angles to form the sides, and stake them in place
  • Wire the pallets together to keep the structure stable
  • You can add a fourth pallet to the front to create a gate, if desired.

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