Holiday-inspired Garden Ornaments

The post-holiday blues can be difficult to get over, but your trip doesn’t have to be forgotten once you’ve returned home; you can keep your holiday memories alive with a beautiful garden ornament inspired by your holiday.

Whether you enjoyed a decadent city break or a longer jaunt across Europe, we can help you create your perfect holiday-inspired garden. With a large collection of contemporary and classical styles to suit any outdoor space, choosing a piece from Haddonstone means you can ensure your holiday memories last for years to come!

Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Revisit Rome

If you visited the Trevi fountain whilst holidaying in Rome, you may be inspired to install your very own, albeit smaller, water feature!

The Napoli Fountain is an ornate, self-circulating fountain featuring intricate Italianate shell bowls and pedestals, or if you prefer a simpler design that will still create an impact, the Bayeux Fountain, inspired by Romanesque architecture is a self-circulating fountain and is very easy to install.

For something a little bit different, why not introduce a Roman numeral sundial to your garden? Our Roman Sundial is practical as well as attractive, with a stainless steel gnomon and engraved Roman numerals to help you keep track of time while the sun shines.



Go Greek

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit mainland Greece or one of the many beautiful islands throughout the Aegean or Ionian seas, then our Ionian Jardinere is a great way to bring a little bit of your Greek adventure back home.

A classically-inspired cylindrical planter with intricate, decorative detailing, it would make a stunning addition to any outside space.


The French connection

If France is your favourite destination, our French Urn is a decorative Renaissance design that’s perfect for formal gardens.

Whether as a standalone piece or as a pair, it can be used to create a dramatic entrance to a garden, patio or doorway.

Our Versailles range is another elegant choice, inspired by the Bosquet de la Colonnade. The Versailles Vase boasts a simple design that can be positioned freestanding on a patio or terrace.



The Parisian effect

The Jacquemart Hunting dogs are based on the antique lead designs by Henri Alfred Marie Jacquemart, a notable Parisian sculptor. These noble hunting dogs come as a pair and would be a handsome addition to outdoor and indoor spaces alike.

Wherever you’ve been on holiday, we’re sure to have an ornament to bring back your memories. Explore our full range of garden ornaments and be inspired.



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