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Kinnaird Castle, Angus, Scotland

The Client

Kinnaird Castle is a magnificent and historic building lying north of Dundee.  Built in the early 15th century, this stately residence has been home to the Carnegie family, now Dukes of Fife, for over 600 years.

Situated next to the picturesque Montrose Basin, an area of outstanding local beauty, Kinnaird Castle lies between the Angus Glens and miles of wild coastline dunes.

Surrounded by 1,300 acres of rolling parkland, the Estate includes many exceptional wild habitats that have been lovingly preserved over the generations – ideal for spotting the resident herds of fallow and red deer, red squirrels, ospreys, owls, woodpeckers, kingfishers and many other bird species.  These low-lying areas include unspoiled moorland and areas of special scientific interest, as well as the Southesk River, famed for its salmon and freshwater pearls.

Kinnaird Castle now welcomes guests to its two sumptuous apartments, that can be enjoyed throughout the year.  View their website for booking details.
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The Brief

The owners of Kinnaird Castle first approached Haddonstone in 2016 to discuss their balustrade restoration project.  After years of weathering and frost damage, the original stone balustrade that runs along the entire circumference of the castle had deteriorated and crumbled.

Confident that our team could assist with the project, Haddonstone was commissioned to replace the original stone balustrade and help restore the castle’s crown.

The Solution

Our client was keen to ensure that we could produce replacement balustrade that would integrate seamlessly with the castle’s original, existing stonework.  It was therefore imperative that our cast stonework replicated the original balustrade by closely resembling its texture, colour and quality.

To ensure our team could reproduce the original balustrade to our client’s exact specification, we produced one sample baluster, which our client left outside to age naturally for four years.  This process therefore enabled our client to witness the natural ageing process and ensure that the replacement and existing stonework would match.

The sample baluster was produced in our Haddonstone dry cast stone material.  It was also colour matched to the castle’s original stone baluster and rail.

Earlier this year, the owners of Kinnaird Castle confirmed they were happy with the match and proceeded with their order.  

Combining modern technology with traditional craftsmanship 

For the majority of our restoration and replication projects, our studio team travel to our clients’ sites to take the necessary mouldings of the original stonework.  However, with this year’s Covid-19 travel restrictions, this proved problematic.

However, we were keen to ensure that we could meet our client’s brief and precisely replicate the original balustrade this year.  We therefore commissioned a local leading 3D printing company to provide both a 2D profile as well as an interactive 3D model of the existing balustrade and rail designs.

This allowed our team to quickly and accurately produce new timber models using our in-house lathe, from which they then produced fibreglass and rubber moulds to cast the replacement balustrade and railing.

2D profiles of a baluster and rail used by our studio team to produce the new timber models:

The Result

The 3D model of the balustrade successfully provided an accurate match and the client commissioned our team to produce 190 balusters and seven metres of balustrade rail.

The final shipment of the stone was delivered in early October 2020 and the balusters and rail will be installed in the Spring of 2021.

Phase two of the order is scheduled for early 2021, when we will be producing and delivering 290 balusters, along with a quantity of balustrade rails.

Updated details of this project will be published after the installation is complete.

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