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Gibbs Classical Porch, Northamptonshire

Private Northamptonshire residence chooses a Gibbs Classical Porch by Haddonstone

The client

Situated in the small village of Holdenby in rural Northamptonshire, this private family home features a traditional Victorian, red brick design.


The brief

The owner of this traditional home felt it was in need of a grander entrance. Haddonstone was tasked with designing a portico (or porch) in order to transform the façade of the property.


The solution

Having recently launched our Gibbs Range of Classical Porches we knew that a design from this range would provide the perfect porch for the property. The range features both elaborate and more restrained details, so that the character of the porch can be finely tuned to each home or project.

The Gibbs Range of Classical Porches was designed by Hugh Petter, Director of Adam Architecture, and inspired by the Georgian architect James Gibbs (1682-1754). Gibbs’ classical architecture design handbooks were probably the most widely used in the eighteenth century across the Western world. It was this rich legacy that made Gibbs’ version of the Classical Orders the most appropriate for this new range of Haddonstone porches.

The team at Haddonstone worked closely with the client to decide on the most appropriate design from the Gibbs Range. Our skilled architectural team selected a simple Doric design featuring Tuscan columns, which they felt would enhance the property whilst remaining in keeping with the style of the property. 

We further enhanced the entrance with optional base blocks to increase the height of the design and paving. In addition to this we suggested a lead roof was installed to the completed porch. 

Since installing the Gibbs Porch, our client has complemented the design with garden ornaments from our range including the Jacquemart Hunting Dogs in our Bath color and two Large Elizabethan Jardinières in our Portland colour.

For the interior of their property our client also installed a traditional Victorian style, Haddonstone Orangery Flooring and Vanbrugh Fireplace including a Fire Basket, Obelisks and Slips.


The result

Once installed the Gibbs Classical Porch added an element of grandeur to the Victorian property and provided the grand entrance the client has envisaged. 

The Gibbs Range allowed the client to enhance their property without the need to spend a fortune on architect fees and they were extremely impressed with the quality of the finish of the stonework.

Our client said:

“We wanted to enhance our Victorian property by creating a statement entrance and our new Gibbs Porch has done just that.  We are delighted with the result and have been very impressed with Haddonstone’s excellent customer service and the stunning quality of the design”.



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