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Flooring, Paving and Steps

Smooth paving

Discover our smooth cast stone paving options for driveways and patios.

Cast stone paving with a smooth finish

Our smooth paving stones have been designed specifically for exterior use. Manufactured to the highest quality, they are available in a number of sizes which can be combined to create different patterns.

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Custom-made sizes available on request

In addition to our five standard sizes, we can cut smooth paving slabs to a size that suits your unique specification. Our technical team will be happy to work with you to understand your requirements.

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  • cast stone smooth paving by haddonstone at raf memorial

Laying foundations

It’s essential that you have a well-laid foundation when working with any of our paving options. We recommend a fall of at least 1 in 60. You can achieve different aesthetics depending on how you lay your paving stones. For a clean, architectural look, we suggest joints that are mortar-pointed. For a more natural look, lay the paving edge-to-edge.

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Paving stone care

Please note that cement and mortar stains can be difficult to remove from paving stones, so the utmost care should be taken to keep the surfaces clean.

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