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Traditional Cast Stone Planters

Haddonstone is renowned for beautiful quality cast stone garden planters, our classic planters appear on garden lawns and terraces of the world’s finest stately homes, private gardens and public parks. If you want a quality planter or plant pot and wish to add style to your garden or patio, then a stylish planter from our classic range of planters and containers - including baskets, bowls, boxes, jardinieres, troughs, urns and vases - will be ideal for your lawn, patio, conservatory or garden landscape.

Haddonstone planters are not just plant pots. It is a hand-crafted jardiniere, urn or vase planter, exuding quality. If you are want a modern plant pot or container, then see our contemporary, urn, vase and jardiniere planters. Haddonstone’s traditional jardiniere, urn and vase planters are wise investments. Weathered or aged jardiniere, urn or vase planters look like antique stone and normally attract premium prices at auction. 

Clarence Urn A215
Price178,80 €
Croyland Vase A245
Price162,00 €
Magnolia Vase A490
Price150,00 €
Vine Urn A705
Price94,80 €
Regency Urn A530
Price118,80 €
Trafalgar Urn A620
Price202,80 €
Victoria Vase A695
Price258,00 €
West Lodge Urn HA780
Price330,00 €
Lotus Vase A470
Price166,80 €
Sheraton Vase A610
Price118,80 €
Wilton Urn A760
Price190,80 €
Gothic Vase A380
Price246,00 €
Etruscan Vase A280
Price118,80 €