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Obelisks were a prominent feature in Egyptian architecture being revived during the Georgian period when they became an integral part of a classical garden or landscape design. Today, obelisks are used in both contemporary garden design and classical design.

Haddonstone has cast stone obelisks in a range of sizes and styles. The Millennium Obelisk was created to commemorate the start of the millennium. Haddonstone also has a Gothic Obelisk, Obelisk Finial, Balustrade Obelisk and Obelisk Fountains and also offer wrought iron obelisks. Obelisks are perfect for creating focal points in a garden or landscape and can also be used as a memorial. Although considered Egyptian or Georgian, obelisks are often used in contemporary garden design as well as classical design.

Millennium Obelisk E555
Price10 438,80 €
Obelisk E550
Price1 602,00 €
Gothic Obelisk E540
Price718,80 €
Obelisk Finial HE535
Price106,80 €
Medium Obelisk
Price270,00 €
Medium Tower
Price270,00 €
Price370,80 €
Price234,00 €