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Winter Care of Self-Circulating Fountains

Freezing conditions can cause serious damage to your water feature ~ in particular the electric pump. For this reason it is important that water features are properly prepared for the onset of severe winter weather.

Although all Haddonstone water features are frost resistant, they still require protection from freezing water. Ideally, water should be drained off before winter every year and not replaced until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.

If you are unable to fully drain down a fountain other measures must be taken to ensure water does not freeze solid in the bowl. For example, during mild periods of frost, a tennis ball placed in a fountain bowl may prove sufficient. This is particularly important for Wall Bowl and Trough fountains. Alternatively, smaller fountains can be emptied using a sponge before covering to prevent them filling with rainwater.

The winter is also the ideal time to dismantle the pump for a thorough clean. Any limescale should be scrubbed off using a mild detergent. Pay particular attention to the impeller/rotor.



Q My pump makes an audible whirring sound and the flow is limited, or non-existent.

A Switch off and unplug the pump. Check the water level in the reservoir as the pump should be completely submerged. Whilst carrying out this check, it is a good idea to check that the pump intake is clear of debris, and the pipe work is not blocked or restricted.

Q The flow of water is too high. There is excessive splash or water loss.

A Rotate or slide the flow control on the front or side of the pump until the desired rate is achieved.

Q The pump fails to run.

A Unplug the pump, check there is no debris blocking the inlet,disconnect the pipework and pull the front section of the pump cover away from the main body.

Clear any debris from the inside of the pump cover. Spin the impeller/rotor to ensure it rotates. Pull out the impeller/rotor and clean it using water and a mild detergent. Ensure the shaft is free from limescale. Re-assemble the pump, adjust the flow control, reconnect the plumbing and switch the pump on.

Q What to do if your Pump Fails

A If you are sure your pump has failed, and have completed all maintenance and checked the power, then contact the retailer you purchased it from for further assistance.

A If you purchased it directly from Haddonstone then please call: 

Mark Cook 

01604 889825