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Restoration ideas and advice for restoration and conservation of stone including restoring and replacing eroded or damaged decorative, natural and artificial stone such as Coade, Pulham and Doulton on historical buildings or listed buildings. 

Repair or replacement of eroded and damaged original stone window and stone door surrounds, columns and porticos on historical or listed buildings can cost prohibitive amounts, especially if the original stone is decorative or ornate. Restoration or conservation of historical buildings and listed buildings using artificial stone or cast stone is normally an acceptable cost effective solution for planning and conservation officers including IHBC members. If restoration of original garden ornaments, fountains, planters and statues is not possible, we can replicate the original stone. An example is the famous Eton College Fountain, replicated from the badly eroded stone original. The recreated fountain now stands in the Cloister Courtyard at Eton College. Contact Haddonstone for advice on stone repair or restoration using cast stone or artificial stone on historical buildings or listed buildings.