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  • We are a family-owned company established over 40 years ago
  • British made – every design is hand made in Northamptonshire
  • Personal, friendly and professional service from experienced staff
  • Choice – a great selection of over 500 high quality designs in traditional, classical and contemporary styles
  • Our designs are frost resistant and we offer a 5 year warranty on all stone garden ornaments for your peace of mind

Haddonstone is a unique form of hand made cast limestone with a surface texture similar to natural Portland stone. The cast limestone material matures and weathers like natural stone or quarried stone yet, piece for piece, normally costs significantly less than quarried stone.

The ability to mould the Haddonstone cast limestone material into almost any shape ~ faithfully reproducing new designs or producing replicas that are virtually indistinguishable from an antique original ~ has won the company numerous contracts ranging from leading international hotels and retail developments to listed National Trust properties and prestige residential projects.

The cast limestone material used in every design from the smallest planter to the largest Corinthian column, exceeds the cube compressive strength requirements of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association and complies with all relevant UK and European standards, whilst TecStone also meets the requirements of all US standards.

Each design is hand made by Haddonstone in the UK or US using moulds created within the company's extensive mould shops and studios. Using these same facilities Haddonstone can even manufacture non standard architectural stone pieces to practically any shape, size or colour.

As Haddonstone maintains original models and/or moulds for every single design in the standard cast limestone collection, and utilises the very latest vapour curing technology, customers can be reassured that the high quality of each piece of cast limestone produced is incredibly consistent whilst retaining the individuality of a hand made product. The company even offers a five year warranty on cast limestone garden ornaments.

And, Haddonstone can be an enjoyable investment. At a recent Sotheby's auction, four Haddonstone Plaited Baskets sold for more than twenty times their current retail value. Haddonstone ~ one of the few things in life that can grow more beautiful and valuable with the passing of the years.
British Made For Quality