Transform Your Living Room With A Traditional Fireplace (Just In Time For Christmas!)

Memories are made in front of the fireplace.  As the nights draw in and the temperature outside drops, lighting a fire is the perfect way to create a warm and cosy sanctuary in which to relax.  Now is the ideal time to choose and install a new fireplace, just in time for Christmas.

Not just for the winter months, a stone fireplace acts as a strong focal point to any room in your house and makes for an attractive space to display photographs and treasured items all year round.

Plus, adding a fireplace is said to increase your home’s value by up to five percent, so it’s a great long-term investment too.

Our blog explores some of the options available, so you can choose the fireplace that is right for you.


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Choosing a fireplace

Wood burning stove, electric fire, open fireplace?
The options are endless when it comes to choosing a fireplace, so how do you decide which is best for you?
Whether you are replacing your existing fire, or installing a fireplace for the first time, there are some key things to consider:
  • The size of your room
  • How much heat you would like your fireplace to generate
  • What style of fireplace you prefer
  • The type of flue you have and the size of your hearth.


Fireplace trends in 2022


Open fireplaces

The open fire has been enjoyed for centuries and an open fireplace is still a very popular choice, offering an array of styles to suit any decor, from traditional to contemporary.
The romance of the open fireplace can’t be underplayed – who can resist watching those enigmatic, flickering flames and the crackle of kindling and logs?  As long as your chimney and flue are in good condition, there’s no reason not to consider an open fire.
However, it’s worth bearing in mind that an open fire isn’t the most practical choice as just 15% of the heat generated is transferred into the room (the rest is swept up the chimney).  An open fire is also not the safest choice, so for those of you with pets and small children – an enclosed fireplace might be a better option.
Which leads us onto…


Woodburning stoves

Woodburning stoves have grown in popularity in the past few years and it’s no surprise why.  Up to 80% of the heat generated by a woodburning stove is transferred into the room and it even continues to radiate heat after the embers have gone out.
This makes the woodburning stove the number one option for keeping you toasty warm.  What’s more, built-in boilers can connect to your heating and hot water system, making wood burning stoves a great option for keeping your annual heating bill down too.
And don’t be fooled by the name.  It’s not just wood that can be burnt in these stoves.  There are now hundreds of multi-fuel options, enabling you to burn a variety of ‘cleaner’ fuels including kiln dried firewood, smokeless coal and briquettes.  There are even companies producing sustainable fuel out of coffee grounds!
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Modern fireplaces

For new build properties and those without a flue, a modern fireplace will help add character and warmth to any room.  With lots of styles offering very realistic flames (and even the sound of burning fuel in some cases), electric and gas fireplaces bring so many benefits.
With no need for a flue or chimney, they offer plenty of flexibility and can be installed in almost any area of the house – even in the centre of a room.  Plus, there are thousands of options available, from modern electric replicas of traditional wood burning stoves, to cutting edge modern designs.
Electric fireplaces have no need for a gas line or venting, making these modern fireplaces much less expensive and safer option.  There is also significantly less mess with a modern fireplace and no need to stock up on fuel each winter.
The only downside with this choice is the low level of heat given off.  Open fireplaces and woodburning stoves outperform modern fireplaces considerably in this area.

Whatever you choose, we strongly recommend seeking advice from a professional fireplace specialist.  They will be able to best advise on the right fireplace for you, as well as recommending professional installers in your area.

Stone fireplace surrounds

Choosing the right fireplace material is key to a creating the right look and for practicality, and durability .  That’s why stone fireplace surrounds and hearths are as popular today as they’ve ever been.  So why are stone fireplaces such a good option?

Timeless appeal and character

A stone fire surround offers timeless appeal and character, and seamlessly integrates into almost any decor choice.  Whether you have a traditional home in need of a stately focal point, or a modern property in need of some additional elegance, a stone fireplace is an ideal option.

Heat retention

Natural stone retains the heat from a fireplace far longer than other materials and so allow you to enjoy a warmer, cosier room for longer.  Our stone fireplace surrounds are produced using over 50% natural limestone material, so they will help keep your living room space warmer for longer, even after your fire has subsided.


A stone fireplace is a durable fireplace.  Cast stone is a robust material that will last a lifetime and will be able to withstand minor knocks without damage.  It is also easy to clean and will maintain its pristine appearance indoors for years.


As well as offering 13 timeless fireplace designs, we offer you the option to customise your design with a choice of three beautiful, classic colours.  Every Haddonstone fireplace is made to order by our skilled craftsmen, meaning that you receive a one of a kind fireplace that’s perfect for your home.

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