Some Of The Ways We Support Sustainability

Haddonstone is proudly committed to sustainability and we continually strive towards reducing our impact on both society and the environment.  This includes ensuring our Show Gardens are as environmentally-friendly as possible, as well as to embedding sustainability policies across our manufacturing.  In this week’s blog, we share with you some of the ways we are building a long-term sustainability approach.

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Sourcing our stone ethically

We source the highest-grade natural aggregates from an environmentally responsible UK supplier.  They are acutely aware of how their operations may impact the natural environment and as such, are committed to a programme of continual improvement to minimise its effect on the environment, prevent pollution and to provide a safe working environment for its employees.

This includes high grade natural limestone which is used to produce two of our cast stone material options, Haddonstone semi-dry cast limestone and TecStone wet-cast limestone.

Over 50% of high-grade natural limestone is included in our cast stone mixes, making it one of the highest-quality cast stone options on the market today.

Read more about how we source our limestone aggregates:

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Creating an environmentally-friendly garden

Our Head Gardener, Andy Miller, is dedicated to ensuring our Northamptonshire Show Gardens are as environmentally-friendly as possible.  Here are some of the initiatives Andy has introduced:

  • Recycling plant pots when they are no longer needed, as well as running a recycling ‘club’ amongst other local gardeners and landscapers, encouraging them to drop-off their unwanted plant pots, which Andy then uses for seedlings, or simply recycles
  • Replacing all of our gardening tools for electric models and so reducing our carbon monoxide emissions by almost 100%
  • Producing his own 100% natural compost in our Show Gardens, transforming our garden debris into rich, eco-friendly fertisliser, without the use of toxic chemicals.

Finally, Andy conserves as much rainwater as possible thanks to several rainwater systems we have in place.  This allows him to keep almost 70% of the Show Gardens watered, without resorting to using water from the mains.

Read more about Andy’s steps to making our Show Gardens as environmentally-friendly as possible:

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“In the next five to 10 years, I’d like to see us continue to support sustainability across everything we do.”

David Barrow, Managing Director, Haddonstone

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Recycling across our business

As well an ensuring we recycle as much paper and cardboard waste generated in our offices as possible, our manufactory also shreds and recycles our wooden manufacturing moulds.

We make around 200 bespoke and standard moulds each month and many are unable to be reused for other projects, so they end up being scrapped and going to landfill.

A shredder at the factory crunches the wood, producing around 50 tonnes of wood per year.  This goes towards heating the factory, thereby saving energy and helping environmentally.

Reducing the impact of our deliveries

One of our delivery lorries includes a state of the art computer system which enables our drivers to optimise their driving to use less fuel whilst on the road.  This results in lower emissions, pollution and a lower environmental impact.

We ensure that our whole fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained, as well as being equipped with catalytic converters, enabling them to be able to deliver within the London Low Emission Zone.

As well as this, we occasionally partner with carefully-selected third party delivery services.  One reason for doing so is that we do not like to send out our lorries containing just a few items.  Using external courier services means that they run full from one depot to another.  And by ensuring their lorries are never empty, they are reducing their overall carbon footprint.

‘Sustainability policies are also embedded across our production, including energy and resource conservation, reducing pollution and waste, recycling, and minimising our use of hazardous substances. 

David Barrow, Managing Director, Haddonstone

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Sustainability policies in our production

Some of the ways we are supporting positive sustainability practices in our manufactory include:

  • Recycling materials and waste whenever possible in accordance with the Environment Agency
  • Minimising hazardous substance usage
  • Proactively conserving energy resources, such as using energy efficient lighting and turning off electrical equipment when not in use
  • Putting safeguards in place to prevent the accidental release of contaminants into watercourses, the air and land
  • Using vapour curing instead of wasteful spray alternatives, and monitoring water usage
  • Favouring batch production methods to eliminate unnecessary waste
  • Sourcing timber from suppliers committed to sustainable practices, and maximising the use of our timber moulds by retaining off-cuts for future use.
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    Rib Planter

Carbon footprint of cast stone

We are currently partnering with Cranfield University to assess the carbon footprint of cast stone manufacturing.  This is helping us to implement better efficiencies across our production methods, as well as enabling us to work towards achieving carbon neutrality.’

In a recent study, we found that it would take just over two years for our Rib Planter to become carbon neutral.  The research, conducted with Cranfield University, found that one of our planters made in our Haddonstone dry mix and weighing 20kg, would take 25 months to become carbon neutral, when planted up with a shrub.

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