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TecLite Door Surrounds

TecLite door surrounds are created by Haddonstone in the company’s thin wall, light weight TecLite material. TecLite Door Surrounds include a collection of standard jamb and standard head designs including a pedimented style. These jamb and head designs can be interchanged to create individual designs. There is also a Georgian style door surround similar in style to standard Haddonstone door surrounds.

Although TecLite closely resembles traditional cast stone and natural stone in appearance, the use of thin wall construction and GRC or GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) technology means the component weight is reduced by approximately two thirds when compared with similar Haddonstone pieces – hence TecLite’s popularity for new build, retro fit and self build applications including timber frame projects. TecLite products can be used to achieve the same crisp detailing normally only associated with Haddonstone designs.