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Sundial Accessories

Haddonstone sundial accessories include a wonderful solid brass armillary sphere sundial that can be calibrated for any country in the world, a high specification mirror polished stainless steel sundial and two different sizes of flat brass sundial and gnomon. The Brass Sundial and Gnomon designs are decorative ornaments designed exclusively for Haddonstone.  The Brass Sundial and Gnomon designs and the Armillary Sphere all feature the Haddonstone sundial verse: “Make time, save time while time lasts. All time is no time when time is past.”

All the sundial designs measure time based on the position of the sun. Haddonstone sundial accessories are attractive garden feature when combined with a Haddonstone sundial plinth or sundial pedestal. Haddonstone also has a range of sundial plinths without recessed tops allowing customers to add their own sundial. Sundials and plinths are normally priced separately. Where this occurs, please ensure you order both sundial and sundial plinth.