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Ruins & Grottoes

Ruins, follies and grottoes were in vogue for a considerable period of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: Valued for their aesthetic, emotional and romantic qualities, a ruin, folly or grotto can be an intriguing, slightly quirky, building in a garden or landscape. Using standard architectural and ornamental cast stone components from the Haddonstone collection it is possible – with flair and imagination – to design and construct picturesque ruins, follies and grottoes in the style of the antique. Indeed, haddonstone has designed many ruins, follies and grottoes for displays at the Chelsea Flower Show.

A ruin, folly or grotto is a unique landscape building which often has little or no purpose. Sometimes Gothic, sometimes Classical, Haddonstone has cast stone architectural designs including balustrade, columns, pilasters, quoins or coins and entablatures to create a ruin, folly or grotto.

Often, a ruin, folly or grotto from Haddonstone will be used in the garden or landscape of a private residence or a commercial project using a range of cast stone architectural and garden ornaments including balustrade, columns, pilasters, quoins or coins and entablatures.

Cast stone balustrade, columns, architrave, cornice and other architectural components from Haddonstone can also be used to create other garden and landscape structures. Whether quirky or picturesque, whether Gothic or Classical, a ruin, folly or grotto from Haddonstone will undoubtedly enhance your garden or landscape. A Gothic Grotto originally constructed at the Chelsea Flower Show is now in Haddonstone’s Northamptonshire Show Gardens.


L9600 Gothic Archway

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