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The Gibbs Range of classical porches

The Gibbs Range of classical porches is inspired by the designs of the famous Georgian architect James Gibbs (1682-1754). Gibbs’s design handbooks about classical architecture were probably the most widely used in the eighteenth century cross the Western world.  It is this rich legacy that makes Gibbs’s version of the Classical Orders the most appropriate for this new range of porch designs, being equally suitable for both new and historic buildings across Great Britain, The United States of America, and around the world.  The Gibbs Range has been designed by Hugh Petter, a leading authority on classical architecture, and a design director of ADAM Architecture, one of the largest firms of traditional architects currently practicing in the world.

The Gibbs range of porches is designed to offer flexibility to architects, builders, and home owners for any situation. A simple matrix shows how the components may be combined to create a wide variety of designs, using the  rules, geometry and proportions of classical architecture, to produce beautiful and original compositions. The Gibbs Range includes both elaborate and more restrained details so that the character of the porch can be finely tuned to each site.  The Gibbs range is conceived around the two oldest and most widely used Orders - the Doric and Ionic.  Over the centuries, generations of Classical architects have adapted the proportions of these two Orders to suit a variety of situations. The Gibbs range is rooted  in this fertile tradition, and offers correctly proportioned designs at an affordable price.