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Parapet Screening

Parapet screening is a standard cast stone design,suitable for both interior and exterior use on commercial and residential projects including bars, restaurants, retail and commercial projects. Typically parapet screening is used in a garden to divide the garden from the patio or terrace.

Parapet screening is an attractive solution for exterior and interior projects where a less formal, more decorative alternative to balusters, balustrades or balustrading is required. The length of each parapet unit can be varied using different combinations of the two basic parapet screening panels. Each parapet screening pier is designed for end, center and corner use as well as for 135° angles. Parapet screening rail and plinth is supplied in a standard length. Cast stone parapet screening can also enhance retail projects and commercial projects including bar and restaurant interiors. 

TS Tech Sheet  PS10.pdf
TS Tech Sheet  PS11.pdf 


Haddonstone’s cast stone parapet screening can further enhance a garden, landscape or interior by the addition of a classical Haddonstone pot, planter, finial or other Haddonstone garden ornament on the parapet screening pier.

As shown in the drawings, the length of parapet unit can be varied by using different combinations of the two basic panels J248 and J362. We show six of the most commonly used bays (TYPES A-F). The bay dimensions shown are from centerline to centerline of pier.

The piers are specially designed and produced for end, center and corner use as well as for 135° angles; so when ordering please state clearly the number and reference of each type required.

All rails and plinths are supplied in standard lengths as indicated, cutting to final specification to be undertaken by your installation contractor.

Typical Component Weights
J400A Rail: 16kg (35 lb)
J400F Plinth: 25kg (55 lb)
J248 End Panel: 9kg (20 lb)
J362 Centre Panel: 13kg (29 lb)
Standard Pier (complete): 76kg (167 lb)
135° Pier (complete): 151kg (332 lb)