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Garden Fountains

Garden fountains and water features provide an interesting centre piece to a garden landscape, whether traditional or contemporary.  Haddonstone's cast stone fountains and centre piece water features are as likely to be found on the patio or terrace of a modern contemporary house as the garden or landscape of a traditional stately home. Historically, centre piece garden fountains and water features were not beautiful, ornate stone water features we associate with today’s pools, ponds and water gardens, originally centre piece fountains provided drinking and bathing water.

Over time, decoration has been added to centre piece fountains, reaching a peak with such fountains as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Apollo Fountain at Versailles and the fountains of the Peterhof Palace in Russia. These classic fountains inspired the Haddonstone collection of centre piece fountains and water features. Haddonstone’s centre piece garden fountains adorn the famous RHS gardens at Wisley and the cloisters at Eton College.