Various Balustrading Components (Ivory Limestone)

Various new balustrading components available.

  • Purchase individually or job lot
  • Colour: Ivory Limestone
  • Material: TecStone
  • All with side run weathered top


Full details and prices (including VAT) outlined in table below.


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Delivery information
  • Dimensions and weights
    Product Details Qty Price (including VAT)
    HK200 Internal Corner Pier sets HK200C (Cap) HK725S (Shaft) HK200F (Base) 2 £126 each
    HK210 Mid Pier sets HK210C (Cap) HK725S (Shaft) HK210F (Base) 22 £126 each
    HK220 External Corner Pier set HK220C (Cap) HK725S (Shaft) HK220F (Base) 8 £126 each
    HK230 Terminal R/H Pier Set HK230C (Cap) HK725S (Shaft) HK230F (Base) 1 £126 each
    HK240 Terminal L/H Pier Set HK240C (Cap) HK725S (Shaft) HK240F (Base) 1 £126 each
    HK250 135 deg Mid Pier HK250C (Cap) HK725T (Shaft) HK250F (Base) 2 £175.56 each
    HK270 135 deg Terminal R/H Pier Set HK270C (Cap) HK725T (Shaft) HK270F (Base) 1 £175.56 each
    HK280 135 deg Terminal L/H Pier Set HK280C (Cap) HK725T (Shaft) HK280F (Base) 1  £175.56 each
    HT120A Balustrade Rails HT120A Balustrade Rails 110 £35.28 each
    HT900 Balustrade Plinths HT900 Balustrade Plinths 110 £35.28 each
    HK724G 600mm sq x 10mm 304 £48.72 each


  • Product information

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