Blanc de Bierges Striated Paving 290 x 290 x 50mm


Blanc de Bierges striated paving is ideal for traditional and contemporary paths, driveways and general landscaping.

Our striated Paving has been independently tested and is verified as having a Pendulum Test Value of 76. This means it has extremely low skid and slip potential.

With a beautifully straited texture, our paving offer both an attractive and durable alternative to other paving options.

  • Available in a two smart colour options
  • Robust, frost and weatherproof
  • Ages beautifully and lasts for years.

Our striated paving is also available in 70mm thickness:

Blanc de Bierges Striated Paving 290 x 290 x 70mm

  • Without joints – can be laid on their own on a 140mm module
  • With joints – coordinate with the other products on a 150mm module.

General Note – Paving:
A well-laid foundation is essential for effective and lasting results. A fall of at least 1 in 60 is recommended. For a clean architectural appearance, the joints can be mortar-pointed. For a softer, natural appearance, paving should be laid edge to edge, un pointed, with sand brushed into the joints. This method also facilitates drainage. Cement and mortar stains are difficult to remove from paving so extreme care must be taken to keep surfaces clean. Four clear days should be allowed to elapse after construction before foot traffic is allowed over all laid areas. For vehicular traffic, special laying instructions are available on application.

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