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Pairing Practicality And Style With Balustrading

Used to enhance all kinds of exterior projects, balustrading is a versatile and affordable way to update your landscape or outside space.

In this blog, we discuss how cast stone blaustrading offers both practicality as well as decorative flair.

Balustrading is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden. Typically made from stone, traditional balustrading is a type of low screen railing supported by balusters and piers. It can provide an extra level of safety as well as looking elegant!

Their functional uses stretch from helping to prevent accidents right through to being an attractive solution for separating sections of your garden and external landscaping projects.

Balustrading is becoming increasingly popular with people looking for a classical style railing for a striking addition to their garden as well as recognising their value as an important safety feature.

  • Client: Kilworth House Hotel


Which baluster design is right for you?

Striking a balance between adding something that is visually beautiful and enhancing the safety of your garden is easily done when choosing balustrading. Here at Haddonstone we offer a wide range of balusters to suit your garden, whatever your taste, so there’s no need to worry about practicality cramping your style.

Haddonstone balustrading is designed to suit garden and landscaping projects of every scale, with sizes ranging from 575mm to 1100mm. Whether you require an extravagant, bold design or are opting for a more understated and elegant look, there is a balustrade for you.

  • kinnaird estate

Balustrading for historical gardens

Particularly perfect for restoration projects, we’re able to produce replica balustrading that blends seamlessly with the existing to provide that flawless finishing touch. We use a mixture of traditional methods and 3D technology to enable us to create the final products.

A great example of how we were able to do this successfully can be seen at the magnificent Kinnaird Castle in Scotland. We created replacement balusters for this 15th-century historic residence, where we were challenged to make them look exactly as the existing and remaining ones, both in texture and colour.

Using our semi-dry cast limestone, an exact colour match balustrade was constructed in keeping with the castle’s ornate stonework. Our dedication to the project saw us carry out four years of real-time testing of the ageing process, where we analysed how the material used changed under natural weather conditions over time.

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Why is balustrading necessary?

Your garden may seem an unlikely place for an accident to occur, but it was found that one in ten people in Britain have sustained an injury whilst in the garden (four times as many as those injured on ski slopes!) When it comes to visually framing a flight of stairs or courtyard, balustrading is a time-honoured statement feature which can also help to prevent injuries.

Balustrading can reduce the risk of injury from common accidents such as trips and slips and, when constructed to building regulation requirements, can prevent serious harm caused by falling from height.  Landscape gardening projects find balustrades particularly useful for separating different levels as they offer both an effective and attractive form of railing.

  • Haddonstone balustrading and steps

If your garden contains steps, patios or terraces, consider installing balustrading to ensure that your garden is safe for everyone that uses it (be sure to check that your balustrading design complies with building regulations when there is a height difference of 600mm or more).

What’s more is the balusters come in a variety of designs, including different types and colours so there’s sure to be a baluster that will complement the aesthetic of your garden and suit your style and needs.

So, when it comes to balustrading, safety and style need not be mutually exclusive. You can install a design which specifically matches the look and feel of your garden, so there’s no need for ugly safety features or those which look out of place.

Prevent accidents in your garden with the simple addition of safety enhancing balustrading. Whatever your garden project is, there will be a design to suit your needs. If you’re unsure, get in touch with us and our experts can discuss which design is right for you.

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