How To Use The Product Customiser

The Haddonstone product personaliser lets you add your own unique text to one of our carefully selected products. Products have been chosen based on their suitability for engraving.


Please note: Because of technical limitations of the engraving process, very small text is not possible. The product personaliser will limit the text size possible depending on the product you have chosen.
Recommendations: For the best user experience we recommend you use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers on a desk top computer or large screen laptop when using the product personaliser.
When you open the personaliser you will see some default sample text, this will usually be ” Add your text here”. We recommended that you edit this text as this is the simplest way for you to get started. If you feel more confident then you can delete the sample text and add new text using the “Add Text” button. You can further customise your text using the options in the toolbar. Remember the reset button will take you back to the beginning if you wish to start designing again.

Add text

Click on the large blue “ADD TEXT” button then simply add a line of text to the text box and click the “ADD TEXT” button. Please note if you want different lines of text to appear in different font sizes, bold or italic or curved, you will need to add them as separate lines of text.

Tip: To add multiple lines of text first reposition the first line of text you added, then repeat the “ADD TEXT” operation. This prevents your new line of text appearing over the top of the first line.

Note: Text can only be added to the designated areas outlined by a blue dotted line.


Text color

You have a choice of four text colour options No colour, Black, Gold or Slate Grey – See the examples below.


The reset button will delete all your changes and take you back to the beginning if you wish to start designing again.

Change Font Type

Font Type can be changed using this button.

Change Font Size

Change the font size using the up or down arrows or type the font size you require in the box.

Line Spacing

Click on Font Size, then change the Line Spacing using the slider or type the Line Space you require in the box. This will only change lines of text in the same box.

Bold Italic Underline

Use these options to make your text Bold, Italic or Underlined.

Curved Text

Curve text upwards or downwards using the slider. Ensure that the field is switched on.

Edit text

To edit your text use this button.

Options available while text is selected: 

Rotate Text

Using your mouse click on the icon and at the same time rotate the text to the desired angle.

Special Characters & symbols

You can add these symbols while editing the text by using the Alt key and the relevant number then pressing the Enter key.

Alt 3 Heart
Alt 4 Diamond
Alt 5 Club
Alt 6 Spade
Alt 7 Bullet 1
Alt 13 Quaver
Alt 14 Joined Quavers


Delete Text

Delete entire text box with this delete button.



You can stretch text to the desired size by clicking and pulling this icon with your mouse.

Undo & Redo

Undo and redo options are in bottom left of the image area.

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