A Handy Guide To Rhubarb Forcing

February can be a relatively quiet interval in the garden.  But for those of you who love the lip-puckering taste of rhubarb, now is the optimum time to start forcing your rhubarb crowns.

Rhubarb forcing encourages softer, sweets stalks – guaranteeing a delicious harvest by early summer.

Our handy guide to rhubarb forcing has all the details you need to get started.

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Rhubarb plants should be left for up to eight weeks before removing the rhubarb forcer.
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How to force rhubarb at home – in six easy steps

1. Firstly, remove any weeds, old leaves and garden debris from around the base of the rhubarb plant
2. To encourage healthy growth, surround the base of the rhubarb crown with well-rotted manure or compost
3. Carefully place your rhubarb forcer over the rhubarb crown, taking care not to disturb the plant
4. Ensure the crown is completely covered and position the lid on top of the pot
5.  Covering the rhubarb forcer with bubble wrap, horticultural fleeces, straw or other insulating material will speed up the process of forcing
6. After 6-8 weeks your rhubarb will be ready for harvesting and should be around 20-30cm in length.  To harvest your rhubarb stalks, gently pull them from the base of the crown and remove any leaves before cooking as they can cause health problems if eaten in large quantities.
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Haddonstone Rhubarb Forcer

Our beautifully traditional Rhubarb Forcer is perfect for any gardener wanting to improve their rhubarb cultivation.

Designed using modern lightweight material, it’s easy to lift and reposition in your garden, year after year.

Many rhubarb forcers are made from terracotta material, but sharp frosts and fluctuating temperatures can shatter this delicate material.

That’s why our frost-proof Rhubarb Forcer is available in a range of five stylish colours, including our robust terracotta shade.

In fact, we are so confident that our Rhubarb Forcer will stand the test of time, we offer a five year warranty on all our garden cast stone designs.

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