The Gibbs range of classical porches

A contemporary range of porches that are rooted in tradition.

Classically-inspired cast stone porches

Designed by Hugh Petter, Director of ADAM Architecture, The Gibbs range of classical porches has been inspired by the Georgian architect James Gibbs (1682-1754). A rich legacy given a contemporary twist, this range of porch designs is equally suitable for new and historic buildings alike, including both elaborate and more restrained details.

Rooted in tradition

Drawing on the Orders of Roman architecture, this range is specifically conceived around the two oldest and most widely used ones: the Doric and the Ionic.

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Combining the components

The Gibbs range offers a matrix of component parts that can be assembled in ten different ways to produce the different styles of porch. Comprising entablatures, columns, cornices, shafts and bases, our components enable you to design a unique porch based on your own particular style and preference.

The highest quality cast stone

The Gibbs range is handmade by our craftspeople using our high-specification cast stone material. A member of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA), we ensure that all our products meet and exceed the high levels of technical performance required by builders, architects and developers.

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