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Care (3)

Freezing conditions can cause serious damage to your water feature ~ in particular the electric pump. For this reason it is important that water features are properly prepared for the onset of severe winter weather.

Although all Haddonstone water features are frost resistant, they still require protection from freezing water. Ideally, water should be drained off before winter every year and not replaced until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.

If you are unable to fully drain down a fountain other measures must be taken to ensure water does not freeze solid in the bowl. For example, during mild periods of frost, a tennis ball placed in a fountain bowl may prove sufficient. This is particularly important for Wall, Bowl and Trough fountains. Alternatively, smaller fountains can be emptied using a sponge before covering to prevent them filling with rainwater.

The winter is also the ideal time to dismantle the pump for a thorough clean. Any limescale should be scrubbed off using a mild detergent. Pay particular attention to the impeller/rotor.


Haddonstone is normally admired for the way in which it weathers naturally so that it is imperceptible from quarried stone. Indeed, weathered Haddonstone regularly attracts a significant premium at auction. It is recommended that customers who wish to clean their Haddonstone should first try using a mild solution of water and washing up liquid - when used in conjunction with a soft brush this can achieve good results. If this is does not produce the required results these approved products are available to purchase from us:

Neugel 1-litre

Cottosolv 1litre

Margel Plus 500ml

Oxidant 1litre

Dec21 1-litre

The use of acid cleaners or harsh abrasive scouring should be avoided as this will break down the surface of the product and it will become more porous and could make the product more susceptible to permanent staining. Be aware that natural dyes in composts containing peat, coconut husk or coir can produce a brown staining which is very difficult to remove. Many fertilizers contain ferrous compounds that can cause rust stains. Cast-in fixings and reinforcement used during the standard Haddonstone production process are non-ferrous, usually stainless steel.

With careful handling, the Haddonstone cast stone material itself needs no special maintenance as long as it is not exposed to extreme conditions. For example, it is recommended that in very hot weather a planted cast stone garden ornament should be watered only in the early morning or cool evening. Likewise, in freezing conditions, cast stone fountain bowls should be emptied. The cast stonework is less susceptible to the detrimental effects of weathering, which can damage the laminated structure of quarried stone or natural stone, and can be aesthetically more pleasing as it often matures and develops character much earlier.

Company Information (7)

Haddonstone takes very seriously the issue of Customer Service. We believe in the quality of our product and maintain that the rapid and sympathetic approach to complaints is to the benefit of all. We have logged and analysed complaints relating to both quality and service since 1993 and are pleased to say they are both small in number and continue to reduce. Our complaints procedure ensures all complaints and queries are dealt with in an efficient and professional manner, whilst continuing to ensure each case is assessed on an individual basis. Our UK Customer Service contact is Will Haxby who can be reached on 01604 770711 or via  In the US, Haddonstone customers should contact either the CO office.

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Yes it does. Haddonstone is committed to an Environmental & Sustainability Management System which ensures that work activity processes do not make a significant impact on the environment.

Best environment practice is adopted wherever possible. Consequently, Haddonstone undertakes the environmental management of finite, naturally occurring resources by balancing needs with future sustainability. Objectives include energy conservation; resource conservation; reducing pollution; waste reduction and re-cycling; and the minimisation of hazardous substance use. As a result, all environmental and sustainability aspects are identified and, where necessary, controlled to minimise or eliminate their effect on the environment.

Haddonstone has recently been presented with the prestigious Gold Award (Building Materials) for Environmental Best Practice and Sustainable Development for its work providing custom cast stone for the restoration of Scarborough Spa in North Yorkshire. An International Green Apple Award is presented to those who set the standard in the environmental practice and sustainable development. Haddonstone last won a Green Apple Award in 2005 for its involvement in the restoration of Leazes Park in Newcastle.


At East Haddon in Northamptonshire, England, Haddonstone has beautiful show gardens and an interior showroom where many of the cast stone designs shown on this web site can be viewed in their proper setting. Click here  for more information

Normally, the gardens and showroom are open to visitors from Monday to Friday - public holidays and Christmas period excepted - between the hours of 9am and 5pm when no appointment is necessary. Brown tourism signs guide visitors to the gardens from the A428.

In addition, examples of Haddonstone, TecLite, TecStone and Technistone can be viewed at Pennine Stone Ltd, Askern Road, Carcroft, Doncaster DN6 8DE.

In the USA, each Haddonstone office has a permanent showroom display.

CO hours 8:00am - 4:30pm Map

Haddonstone exhibits at many exhibitions around the world. To see where we are currently exhibiting, click here.

Designs can also be viewed at Haddonstone stockists and distributors in the UK and worldwide.

Haddonstone was founded way back in 1971 so we have more than 40 years of trading history. Haddonstone started as a small cottage industry and then expanded massively in the 1980s to become the established brand that is so well respected today. We are still family owned – our current Managing Director being the son of the original founder!

Click here for a Brief History  of Haddonstone.

Click here for a history of Artificial or Cast Stone. 

Click here for Customer Testimonials.

Haddonstone has two manufacturing facilities – one in Northamptonshire where all products for the UK market are made and one in the USA where 95% of products for the US market are produced. Haddonstone is a proud member of the “British Made for Quality” scheme and exports worldwide.

East Haddon Show Gardens - Open Monday-Thursday  9am – 5pm. Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm Open first Saturday of the month 9am to 2pm. Occasional weekend openings to raise money for the NGS charity. For more information, click here.

Northamptonshire Manufactory – Open Monday-Thursday 7.30am-4pm, Friday 7.30am-3.00pm.

If collecting stonework, please arrange a time in advance.


Delivery (1)

In the UK, delivery is normally via a Haddonstone vehicle with tail-lift or fork-lift facilities. This usually enables us to deliver wherever the fork-lift can access. If access is restricted, delivery will be kerbside only. Delivery does not include siting or installation of the products, which is the sole responsibility of the client.

Haddonstone has its own transport fleet of curtainside lorries all with tail-lift or fork lift facilities. This enables the company to deliver cast limestone products throughout mainland Britain from a central location close to the motorway network.

At Haddonstone's cast limestone manufactory near Northampton, pieces are carefully packed onto pallets before shrink wrapping ready for delivery and mechanical offloading on site. Heavier cast limestone pieces are delivered in sections for assembly on site.

UK mainland delivery for garden ornaments and interior stonework is charged at 10% of order value (minimum charge £46 inc VAT). Delivery time is typically 2 - 4 weeks, although we will always endeavour to meet specific date requirements. Alternatively, by prior arrangement, items may be collected from our Northamptonshire manufactory.

Haddonstone (USA) Ltd services its customers by offering crate and freight options ex-warehouse by Haddonstone truck or common carrier dependent on location, as well as containers or trucks floor loaded with shrink wrapped pallets direct to site.

General (4)

Haddonstone plays an active role in the local community, supporting charities and other worthwhile causes.

Weathered Haddonstone normally attracts a premium at auction and is highly sought after by collectors. Haddonstone offers a limited number of designs – often from the company’s own Northamptonshire show gardens in England. To find out current availablilty, simply click here.

We certainly do – and they are becoming increasingly popular for those looking for an unusual gift for a wedding, birthday, Christmas or retirement. Click here to order Haddonstone Gift Vouchers in £sterling.  Ornaments or Click here for US$ Gift Certificates

Haddonstone has an inspirational catalogue which is available to clients, whether professional or private. Currently, the catalogue is 204 pages and contains everything from garden ornaments to architectural stonework, plus fireplaces, wrought ironwork and Memorials. To obtain a copy, simply click here or contact your nearest Haddonstone office or distributor.

Ordering (2)

Haddonstone has knowledgeable and helpful Contracts departments in both Northamptonshire and Pueblo, CO who would be pleased to help with any architectural cast stone requirement. We are happy to work from submitted architectural drawings or CAD disks, offering technical and practical advice where possible.

If you are ordering a garden ornament, you have the choice of:

  1. Placing an order online via this website. Simply select the product you require and proceed as guided.
  2. Telephoning our Ornamental Sales department on 01604 770711 (UK, Europe and rest of world), 856 931 7011 (NJ) or 719 948 4554 (CO).
  3. Contacting one of our distributors or stockists.

Pumps (2)


Each pump is supplied with a 10 metre length of cable. For health and safety reasons, Haddonstone always advises clients to use a professional electrician.


No, solar pumps are simply not powerful enough to operate Haddonstone fountains. All pumps supplied by Haddonstone are manufactured by reputable manufacturers and are all mains powered. 

Technical (1)

Haddonstone has a range of information relating to Assembly Advice. There are also Technical Sheets available online which are normally used by architects, designers and contractors. Click here to access Technical Sheets.

The Material (3)

The special qualities of the Haddonstone material ensure a relatively rapid weathering of garden ornaments. The speed of weathering is dependent on location and climate.  The process of weathering can be encouraged by the application of either yoghurt, manure/water! Alternatively, if you want to achieve the instant aged look, so desired by many customers, then New Formula StoneAge is designed to give new stone the look of the weathered antique.  Available as an antique grey concentrate, New Formula StoneAge is a water-based formulation. It should be mixed with distilled or de-ionised water before being applied by spray or brush. Supplied in 237ml (8 fl oz) containers. Click here for New Formula StoneAge.

Each Haddonstone design is created by craftsmen in cast limestone using moulds. Click here for a full description of the manufacturing process.

Haddonstone is a unique form of cast limestone with a surface texture similar to quarried Portland stone. In a number of important ways Haddonstone is markedly superior, one of its greatest advantages being price, which, piece for piece, is normally significantly less than that of quarried stone. Haddonstone is normally referred to as being a dry cast or semi-dry cast stone as the material is hand compacted into the moulds by craftsmen at our manufactories. Standard Haddonstone colours are Portland 01, Bath 02 and Terracotta 04

TecStone is a denser material with a smoother finish to meet demanding design and performance criteria. TecStone is manufactured using a unique wet cast production technique.  TecStone is used in certain standard designs and custom designs ranging from columns and paving to fountains and statuary and can also be successfully used alongside designs manufactured in dry cast Haddonstone and fibre-reinforced TecLite. Where a Haddonstone design is supplied in TecStone as standard, the product code is prefixed by the letters G or H (eg HE600). Standard TecStone colours are Portland 01, Bath 02, Terracotta 04, Coade 05 and Slate 06.

TecLite is a lightweight material with a high strength to weight ratio which is ideal for new build, retro fit and self build applications including timber frame projects. Although TecLite closely resembles traditional cast stone and quarried stone in appearance, the use of thin wall construction and GRC or GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) technology means the component weight is reduced by approximately two thirds when compared with similar Haddonstone pieces making it popular for projects where component weight is an issue. TecLite products can be used in conjunction with standard Haddonstone architectural components as the colours are complementary. Consequently, users can incorporate both Haddonstone and light weight TecLite cast stone architectural components in the same project with absolute confidence. TecLite products can be used to achieve the same crisp detailing normally only associated with Haddonstone designs. Where a Haddonstone design is supplied in TecLite as standard, the product code is prefixed by the letters TL (eg TLHA540). Standard TecLite colours are Portland 01, Bath 02, Terracotta 04, Coade 05 and Slate 06.

Warranty (1)

Haddonstone offers a five year warranty on all cast stone garden ornaments purchased direct from the company on production of the product’s original invoice or order acknowledgement. This warranty applies in the unlikely event that a product fails, due to a design or production fault. This warranty does not apply if Haddonstone assembly recommendations have not been followed or if a problem arises as a consequence of the actions of the client or a third party. Contact your nearest Haddonstone office for the full terms of this warranty which does not affect your statutory rights.