Reed’s School, Surrey

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About this project

Haddonstone was commissioned by LIFE Build Solutions and IID Architects to produce a number of architectural components for their client, Reed’s School, Surrey.

The project formed part of an extension to the Bridgement Building, a science block located in the heart of the school campus.

Our team supplied:

Each component was produced in our own Northamptonshire manufactory using our GRC TecLite (fibre-reinforced) material, in Portland colour.

Whilst the project sounds simple in its design, it was in fact quite complicated to produce the architectural components to the exact specification required.  This was because a 75mm lightweight block was installed behind the Haddonstone components.  This meant that the fixing details needed to be placed in exactly the precise locations in order for both to line up correctly, as per the architect’s instructions.

Our highly experienced and competent team rose to the challenge, producing the cast stonework on-time and to the exact specifications.

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