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Riven paving

Discover our cast stone paving with a riven finish.

Riven paving slabs for patios and terraces

Transform your patio or terrace with our cast stone riven paving options. Made to the highest quality, the grain of our stones can be alternated to create a number of interesting effects.

Standard and bespoke designs available

In addition to our standard range of colours, the riven paving slabs are also available in York. With one standard size available, these paving slabs can also be cut to a bespoke specification to meet your project’s requirements.

Our riven Paving has been independently tested and is verified as having a Pendulum Test Value of 51. This means it has a low skid and slip potential.

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A well-laid foundation

With all of our paving options, it’s important that you have a well-laid foundation for optimal results. We’d recommend a fall of at least 1 in 60. For a clean, architectural appearance, joints can be mortar-pointed. Alternatively, if you seek a more natural appearance, we recommend laying the paving edge to edge, unpointed.

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We meet the high quality standards

As a founding member of the United Kingdom Cast Stone Association (UKCSA), we ensure that all of our products meet the strict levels of technical performance as set out in their specification. Both Haddonstone and TecStone exceed the requirements of BS 1217:2008, BS5642-2: 1983 + A1 2014 and BS EN 13198: 2003. We also regularly test all of our materials in our manufactory to ensure only the highest quality, most durable products are delivered to our clients.

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