A behind the scenes look at producing our new Crucible range

  • an initial sketch of the new crucible range

The new Crucible range from Haddonstone features a collection of contemporary self-contained fountains and complementary planters in a range of sizes and colours.  We were keen to create a simple yet stylish design, with a beautifully smooth and sleek finish to suit either a modest garden or a larger landscape.

Our highly skilled craftsmen, who are based at our manufactory in Northamptonshire, spent many hours producing the new Crucible range, from the initial hand drawn concept to the finished cast stone design.  Here we invite you to take a behind the scenes look at how the Crucible range was developed from scratch.

  • an image of the crucible range master model being carved

After drawing the initial designs, our team created a brand-new set of master board models. Master board models are ideal for simple designs like the Crucible range as they are hand carved by one of our in-house craftsmen. This can take many hours as our team must ensure the models are perfectly smooth and are produced to the specific measurements of the initial designs.


  • an image of the crucible range model being being coated in clay

Once complete, the models are coated in a thick layer of perfectly level clay, before being coated in several layers of fibreglass to create the first part of the master mould. When dry, the fibreglass is completely inflexible, therefore we create it in two adjoining sections, which allows us to remove the case easily when dry. The fibreglass case is then opened and our team removes the layer of clay from inside.

  • an image of the crucible range model being being coated in fibreglass

The second stage of creating a mould involves lining the fibreglass case with rubber. The model is reassembled inside the fibreglass case, leaving a cavity to pour a specially developed rubber, which takes the exact shape of the original design.

Our Crucible range is produced in our wet-cast Tec-lite material, meaning it has a smooth and sealed surface.

  • The Crucible Range photographed in the haddonstone show gardens

The Crucible range starts at £245.

View the Crucible range of planters and fountains.

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