5 Tips For Choosing The Right Water Feature For Your Garden

A water feature is a simple and attractive way of adding life and movement to your garden - not to mention a welcome cooling addition in the hot summer months! But with so many different styles available, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to choosing one.

Here are our five top tips on finding the right one for your garden.

Consider the size of your garden

Whether you have a modest plot or a larger landscape, there’s a water feature to suit all sizes of garden.

Depending on your outdoor space, you could choose a subtle addition, or go for a more imposing and significant centrepiece.

For smaller gardens, consider the Tree Frog Wall Fountain.

It incorporates a simple bowl and allows you to add an interesting amphibian feature without taking up too much ground space.




Personal style

It’s not just the size of your garden that matters – it’s all about your personal taste and the choice is endless.

This will allow you to create repetition and balance in your scheme. In contrast, the elegant and classical Napoli Fountain will add drama as a focal point in a more traditional setting.



Location, location, location

Once your decided on the style, it’s worth thinking about where your water feature should sit. Ultimately it should complement your existing space.

For instance, placing it by an outside dining area or seating will help to enhance it with relaxing and tranquil sounds, while a fountain positioned in a front garden will create a strong impact to your façade.



High or low?

Height plays an important in selecting a water fountain. A low-level feature will add understated interest amongst planters, foliage and flowers, while a taller feature can add towering sophisticated and that added ‘wow factor’.

A Triple Ball Fountain offers the option of incorporating a contemporary feature close to terra firma, while the Bayeux Fountain will provide an impactful, elevated centrepiece.  You could even opt for a combination of both with a fountain and pool surround.



Consider ease of installation

If ease and simplicity is important to you, then a self-circulating fountain is ideal for a quick and easy installation.

The Romanesque Fountain is suitable for any small interior or exterior setting and comes ready for you to install with a pump and instructions. With no digging required, all you need is an electricity point and a couple of hours to set up your fountain – it’s one of the simplest ways to bring water to your garden without too much hard work!


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