Our 2020 Gardening Predictions

Our 2020 gardening predictions embrace the continued drive towards more environmentally friendly horticulture, combined with a focus on sustainable, durable furniture and products.  In 2020, we will see an emphasis on bringing the indoors, out, with more and more homeowners creating impressive outdoor living and entertainment areas.  Contemporary design will dominate the landscaping market, teamed with clever ideas to make the most of minimal space, especially in urban areas.

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Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have already changed the way we discover new, as well as tried and tested design ideas – and how we translate them into our own space.  Their popularity will continue to rise in 2020, with more people using them to search for inspiration, advice and products.

Like your home, the garden is another area that you can inject your personal style and unleash your creativity. From minimalistic, uncomplicated landscaping to exaggerated outdoor spaces full of colour and texture, there’s a whole host of influential trends, designs and styles to try in 2020.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardening veteran or are keen to take up a new hobby this year, read on to discover the top trends that Nicola Clements, Marketing Manager at Haddonstone predicts.

  • an insect house to encourage native wildlife

Gardens continue to get greener

Sustainability will continue to have a big influence in landscaping and garden design in 2020. It’s hard to ignore our obligation to make our gardens ‘greener’ and the personal benefits of doing so are also considerable.  From conserving water and using environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic, to producing your own compost, these small acts are not only good for our planet, they are inexpensive and will actually save you money almost immediately.

There’s been a huge push in the last 12 months to make our gardens more attractive to native wildlife and increase their biodiversity.  There are many simple ways to achieve this, from introducing native plants to adding bird, bat and insect houses, and limiting the use of pesticides and pollutants.

The UK’s gardens cover a combined landmass that’s larger than the Lake District and the Peak District, and there’s currently a push to encourage garden owners to plant more trees, delivering mutual environmental and style benefits.  Composting will continue to be popular amongst gardeners as a valuable way to transform garden and kitchen waste into rich, organic (and cheap) fertilizer.  Conserving water also brings several environmental benefits – installing water butts and connecting them to your house downpipes can collect enough rainwater to keep the average sized garden in tiptop condition – and will help you to keep those water bills down!

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Durability and style combined

For owners of small urban gardens to larger landscapes, stone furniture continues to be the go-to style choice for many and is expected to grow in popularity in 2020.

Whatever the weather – and we know how unpredictable it can be in Britain – stone patio furniture can withstand whatever the elements throw at it, offering both durability and style.  Stone furniture will outlast almost any other type of material, making it a great investment compared to metal and wood. Plus, purchasing longer lasting products is not only better for the environment, it is great for the purse strings too.

Truly versatile, stone furniture is available in a range of styles, and can give your garden a classical, traditional or modern feel.  Alternatively, if you don’t have space for benches or tables, introducing elegant stone sculptures, statuary and planters is a great way to establish structure in borders and add your personal touch.

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Bringing the indoors, out

Outdoor living, or bringing the indoors out, by creating living and dining areas just for entertaining has grown enormously in popularity in recent years, and it will continue to thrive over the next 12 months.  Once just a modest space for a simple furniture set and BBQ, we are seeing more and more homeowners investing significantly in designing the perfect entertainment area.  Outdoor kitchen zones, mounted flat screens and permanent covered ‘rooms’ are now an attainable luxury.

Firepits and chimineas are a good first step in this direction and look great on any style of patio, providing a focal point for outside entertainment areas.  They also offer the added bonus of keeping you and your guests toasty warm as the temperatures drop when the evening sun fades.

  • Contemporary Landscaping Design by Haddonstone

    contemporary landscaping design by haddonstone

Contemporary design dominates

There’s been a huge rise in home renovation in recent years.  The number of homeowners opting to stay put and improve, as opposed to move, has increased five fold.  Outdoor spaces are being prioritised and are playing a pivotal role in helping homeowners enhance their existing property, by offering an additional space in which to relax and entertain.

Contemporary landscaping design continues to dominate the market, regardless of the style of property.  So, we are seeing homeowners of traditional, older properties relaxing their tastes and opting for much more modern gardens.  From stone paving to pools, garden buildings to sculptures, the trend for unfussy, ‘of the moment’ design choices, are becoming increasingly popular.

  • urban gardening on a balcony

Making the most of minimal space

Research by Barratt Homes found that 14% of the UK population (over 9 million people) live in a flat or maisonette, meaning they’re unlikely to have their own private gardens.  Yet lack of space isn’t deterring people from enjoying gardening, which will become increasingly more evident as we head into 2020.

Over the past 10 years, the appeal of urban gardening on small city balconies, rooftop gardens and in hanging baskets has seen smaller, lighter products selling at higher volume.  The vertical gardening trend is also thriving with many urbanites using anything from a simple trellis to an elaborate structure with integrated hydroponics to grow ferns, herbs, vegetables and succulents.

From living wall kits to growing herbs on your windowsill, or garnishing your balcony with wall planters and trailing plants, there are so many ways this unstoppable trend can be incorporated into your space, whatever the size.


  • a gardener uses Instagram for inspiration and trends

Instagram will continue to be an essential tool

Social media is fast becoming the number one inspirational tool for both amateur and professional gardeners.

Instagram alone has more than 49 million images with the #Garden tag, featuring an enormous array of stunning photos and videos.  You can pinpoint specific interest areas (#UrbanGardening #GardenInspiration, #LandscapeDesign) and find anyone from ‘have a go’ gardeners to plant stylists and landscape designers.

Influencers will continue to gather followers in their thousands as the mass appeal of horticulture gains ground and this is good news for both seasoned and recreational gardeners.  Anyone can gain instant inspiration, learn new tricks and ask questions with the #GardeningHelp or #GardeningAdvice hashtags.

So, whether you own a modest plot, an extensive landscape or an inner-city balcony, these 2020 gardening trends are sure to put you on the right path.


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