Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham

Warstone Lane Cemetery, Birmingham

The Client

Midland Conservation Limited are a West Midlands based traditional building company specialising in the restoration, repair and conservation of traditional and historic buildings.

Haddonstone was commissioned by Midland Conservation Limited to help replicate the original, damaged coping stones at Warstone Lane Cemetery in Birmingham.

Warstone Lane Cemetery in Birmingham dates back to 1847 and is one of two cemeteries in the city’s Jewellery Quarter.  The cemetery is home to the graves of Thomas Henry Gem, the inventor of modern lawn tennis, and Alfred Bird, the inventor of egg free custard.



The Solution

The team at Haddonstone retrieved one of the original Warstone Lane Cemetery copings so that they could create perfect replications of it in their Northamptonshire manufactory.   It was essential that the new copings would perfectly replicate the size, scale and colour of the original stonework.

The team at Haddonstone worked meticulously to meet the client’s specification, creating bespoke moulds and working on an exact colour match, ensuring that the team could achieve the distinctive chocolate colour of the original copings.


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